Lightning – Baseball Ontario and HDBA Rules

Baseball Ontario Lightning Rules
When Lightning Roars, go Indoors!

Lightning Rules for the HDBA
In 2010 the HDBA passed a motion on the issue of lightning which is different than the 30-30 rule set out by Baseball Ontario.

In the event that lightning is seen in the area the umpires shall stop the game immediately. It is agreed that if proper shelter is not available the game is considered to be over. Alexander Park, Bernie Arbour Stadium and Mahoney Park have designated clubhouses for shelter and are the only 3 parks in the city for this. At these parks you will wait as per the lightning rule, at any other park the game is over.

This is for the safety of all involved.

Please do not let coaches or parents tell you differently. If you receive any conflict regarding this rule please advise Bill immediately.

2011 HBUA Executive

Your Executive, as elected at the 2010 HBUA Annual General Meeting, for the 2011 season is:

Bill Tunney, President
Dave Cahill, Vice President
Mike Campanella, Secretary
Bill Tunney, Treasurer
Adam Kirilo, HBUA Director
Sean Elliott, HBUA Director
Bill Tunney, Assignor