Hamilton Old Timers Rules


1. Participants must be 35 years or older in the year of competition. Valid proof of age is a Driver’s License
with a photo.

2. Single games will be 9 innings unless mutually agreed otherwise by the team reps. No new inning is to
start after 2 hours and 45 minutes from the scheduled starting time. Doubleheader games will be 6
innings, with no new inning to start after 1 hour and 45 minutes.

3. Pitching should be shared equally among a minimum of 3 pitchers per game. No pitcher will pitch more
than 9 consecutive outs per game (6 consecutive outs in a doubleheader game). No player will enter a
game as a pitcher more than once, unless mutually agreed upon by both teams.

4. A six run mercy rule applies per inning. The inning ends when the sixth run crosses the plate with one
exception: if the last batter hits a home run out of the park, then all runs will count. The mercy rule
does not apply to the last inning or extra innings.

5. Professional rules of baseball apply to stealing bases. Balks are only to be called if a runner is put out
by an illegal move. Recent rule change: A pitcher who fakes a throw to third base, and then turns to
attempt a pick-off at first, will be charged with a balk, as per our rules.

6. Body contact on the base paths is discouraged. Collisions between a base runner and a fielder may, at the
umpire’s discretion, result in ejection from the game when no effort is made by a player to avoid the

7. All players present shall be included in the batting order. Unlimited substitutions are permitted on

8. When 2 outs or 5 runs have been registered, the catcher must be removed as a base runner and replaced
with a substitute runner, who shall be the last out, unless that runner is the pitcher in rule 9.

9. In order to warm up, a new pitcher entering the game in the next inning may be replaced with a courtesy
runner, who shall be the last out unless that runner is the catcher in rule 8

10. A courtesy runner may be requested for injury, health reasons or rule 9 only, and must be the last out,
unless that runner is the catcher or pitcher from rules 8 and 9. A courtesy runner may not advance unless
forced, or on a batted ball; if a courtesy runner attempts to advance, the defensive team shall reserve the
right to let the play stand.

11. A player shall play in full uniform: baseball pants, sweater and hat. The uniform is to be worn
properly (sweater tucked in and hat bill facing forward), even when called to play for another team, or the
player shall not be permitted to play in the game.

12. Proper protective equipment is essential. Helmets must be worn at the plate, on the bases, by catchers,
by base umpires, and coaches at first and third base. Helmets with two earflaps are recommended. Batters
choosing to wear helmets with one flap, must have the flap on the side facing the pitcher

13. If there are not enough players on one team for a given game, players may be assigned by the league
convenor (or designate), or borrowed from another team, or called up from the reserve list in order to
play a game. A team must field A MINIMUM OF 7 OF ITS OWN PLAYERS, or the game is forfeited.
For playoff games, only players on the team roster can be used with the exception of eligible players from
the Registered Reserved Players’ list.

14. Intentional walks are illegal.

15. Players must inform their team rep of days when they are NOT available to play, so that substitutions
may be called should the team be short players.

16. All other rules are covered in Baseball Canada’s Official Rules of Baseball.

17. No steel spikes are allowed in house league games.