Jaschinski to Work Midwest League All-Star Game

We are thrilled to announce Steven Jaschinski has been selected to work the Midwest League All-Star Game, to be played Tuesday June 19th at Cooley Law School Stadium in Lansing, Michigan.

This will be Jaschinski’s first All-Star Game. Congratulations Steven!


Updated Lightning Rule

The HBUA has recently decided to update its lightning rule to align with the rule set out by Baseball Ontario. As such, we have removed the term “lightning safe park” from our website and our venues. The following should be followed in all games in which we umpire;

When thunder roars, go indoors! At the first sound of thunder, the game must be stopped and shelter must be obtained. This would include allowing players and coaches to retreat to their vehicles while we wait 30 minutes from each sound of thunder or sight of lightning.

Please ensure that we are following this change, to spite opinions on the rule. This is a big change in the City of Hamilton as we are no longer calling the game at the first sight of lightning or sound of thunder as we are now stopping the game and waiting it out in all cases.

Any clarification can be sought out from your executive team.

Thanks everyone

HBUA Spring Meeting

Hello Everyone,

The HBUA will be holding its annual Spring Membership Meeting on Sunday April 15, 2018 at 3pm at Sherwood Lanes on Upper Ottawa and Fennel.

This meeting we will vote on our new contract, and go over our new Policy and Procedure Manuel. We will also update everyone for the plans for the upcoming season.

At the conclusion of the meeting for the Level 3’s we will go over the exam which is now posted.

It is important that everyone that plans on umpiring for the HBUA attend this meeting, as many items this year will effect each and everyone of you!

A full agenda, including a number of attachments will be sent out the week before our meeting.

See you there!