McQueston Park

Ground Rules

Outfield Area
• Dead ball territory along both sides of the field line shall be defined by a straight line from the end of the fence in foul territory
– A fair batted ball that rolls across the out-of-play line shall result in a two-base award, per the Official Rules
– A fielder may not cross the out-of-play line to make a catch
– A fielder who touches a ball in play and carries it out of play may “complete” the catch in dead ball territory however, all runners would be awarded one base, per the Official Rules
– A fielder who carries a fair ball into dead ball territory and subsequently drops the ball shall result in a two-base award to the batter and all runners, per the Official Rules
• Due to the age of players and distance from home plate, any ball that becomes lodged in or rolls under the outfield fence or shrubbery shall be ruled out-of-play, with all runners being awarded the base which, in the judgment of the umpire, they would have reached had the ball not become lodged. This ground rule shall supersede the relevant Official Rule.