R3 Only

Starting Positions

Fly Ball Coverage

Ground Ball to Infield

With less than 2 outs, if R3 holds at 3B, U3 will remain at 3B. U1 must be aware and prepared to move into the infield to cover 2B in the event of an error or overthrow. If R3 commits to scoring, U3 can leave 3B and move toward 2B.

Base Hit (No Umpire Goes Out)

In the event of an obvious extra base hit, it is permissible for U1 to come into the infield and push U3 back to 3B, so they prepare for a play on the B-R at 3B

U1 Goes Out

If the ball is caught, U3 should stop immediately and bounce back to 3B for a potential play on R3.

U3 Goes Out

If the ball is caught, U1 must continue to bust across the infield to get into position for a potential play on R3.

Pop-Ups to Foul Territory

If there is a pop-up to foul territory with less than 2 out, PU should attempt to leave the judgment to either U1 or U3, so as to remain at the plate. PU should only vacate the plate on balls potentially caught either at the backstop or in front of the 3B dugout, leaving all balls on the 1B side of the field to U1. U1 must be aware that if PU vacates the plate, or U3 vacates 3B, they must bust in the appropriate direction in order to cover that base. It is imperative that regardless of which umpire takes responsibility for a foul pop-up, only ONE umpire vacates their position with less than two out.