Bernie Arbour Stadium

Ground Rules

Home Plate Area
• A ball striking any part of the mesh backstop netting above the chain link fencing
behind home plate shall be ruled out of play

Dugout Area
• A ball deflecting off the lip of the dugout floor and rebounding into the field shall
remain in play
• A fielder may not step onto the concrete floor of the dugout.
– If a player steps on the concrete to make a catch, it shall be nullified
– If a player is in possession of a live ball and steps on the concrete, they
will be considered as having entered the dugout
• A ball rolling over the lip shall be ruled out of play the moment it rolls beyond the
• A ball striking the recessed wooden poles or facing of the dugout shall be ruled
out of play
• A ball rolling into the camera well on the outfield side of the 3B dugout shall be
considered out of play
– In the event that a ball that otherwise would have rolled into this area
strikes an item (garbage can, equipment, etc.) preventing it from going out
of play, the ball shall still be considered out of play

Bullpen Area
• A ball lodging on, under, or in the bullpen seating area shall be ruled out of play
• A ball that enters the bullpen seating area and rebounds out of the seating area shall remain in play