Baseball Ontario First Aider Rule

The Baseball Ontario Rules Committee has permitted the presence of a First Aider in team dugouts, beginning in the 2019 season.

For full information regarding the rule, please look below

2019 OBA First Aider Rule

The following guidelines shall be used by HBUA umpires when dealing with First Aiders:

  • First Aiders are not required to be listed on a team’s line-up card (if one is provided)
  • First Aiders are not permitted to be in team uniform.
  • First Aiders are only permitted to enter the playing field to tend to an injured player, coach, manager, or umpire. First Aiders are NOT permitted to enter the playing field for any other reason, including but not limited to:
    • Coaching a base
    • Warming up a pitcher, on the mound or in the bullpen
    • Disputing a call with an umpire
    • Restoring order during a bench-clearing situation
    • For violation of any of these provisions, the umpire-in-chief shall have the manager remove the team’s First Aider from the dugout and will file an Incident Report
  • First Aiders are not permitted to dispute calls with the umpires from the dugout. The umpire shall warn the First Aider to stop immediately and if they continue, they shall be removed from the game.
  • There is currently no limit on the number of First Aiders permitted on a team’s bench
  • A game may be played with no First Aiders. A game may also be played if only one team has a First Aider on their bench.
    • When only one team has a First Aider(s), they are expected to attend to injured personnel from both teams, as well as the umpires.
    • In the event a singular First Aider refuses to attend to opposing personnel or an umpire, the umpire-in-chief shall file a report with the league, but the First Aider shall NOT be removed from the game.