Correcting Incorrect Rule Applications


Games are to be officiated by a crew of umpires, not individuals. Umpires should officiate and communicate as a team and should assist and support one another on the field at all times. This includes rule interpretations.

This memo is a reminder to inform all of you it is the CREW’s responsibility to ensure are rules are properly enforced. In the event a rule is misapplied, it is viewed as a failure by the entire crew, not just one particular umpire.

In the event that one member of the crew misapplies a rule, it is our expectation that the other umpire(s) on the field attempt to initiate a crew consultation to discuss the ruling to ensure the correct decision is made, regardless of whether or not the calling umpire is questioned by either team.

If there is uncertainty regarding a rule application, we strongly encourage one of the umpires on the field to leave the field and check the Official Rules and / or Umpire Manual. The Official Rules can be accessed and downloaded in PDF form under “Quick Links” on the side menu. The Minor League Baseball Umpire Manual can be purchased here.

From the HBUA Policy and Procedure Manual:

In the event of a game that must be replayed due to an overturned protest, the Assigner shall schedule the original umpire crew for the game. If the protest was overturned due to an incorrect rule application, the umpires shall not be paid for the replayed game. In the event the original crew is unavailable, the original umpire(s) shall forfeit the game fee to the replacement umpire(s)

Remember good umpiring means having a complete knowledge of, and proficiency in, all Official Baseball Rules, interpretations, policies and regulations. Please take the time to read some portion of the rule book each day.