Lightning Safe Designated Parks

In Hamilton, our lightning rule is different from the OBA’s 30/30 rule (30 second interval between lightning and thunder deserves a 30 minute delay). At all non-designated parks in Hamilton, if we see lightning the game is over, end of all discussion. The five designated parks include Alexander Park, Bernie Arbour Stadium, Dofasco Recreation Center, Mahoney Park and McQuesten Park. At these parks, the OBA 30/30 rule is in effect, and not overridden by the Hamilton rule.

These five parks are noted in our Venues page of our website for future reference.

If anyone has any questions regarding this rule, please feel free to discuss it with our executive team or you can even hold a discussion on our Facebook page. This is a rule that involves the safety of every person in the park, so please be diligent and understand the rules when lightning is present.