Live Game Observations

As part of the HBUA’s commitment to its members and umpire development, the Executive approved a live-game observation process a few years ago. The process, as outlined in the HBUA Policy and Procedure manual, consists of an in-person live game observation by a dedicated observer followed by a post-game discussion and concluded with a brief written summation. The goal of these observations is to raise the overall standard of officiating within the HBUA, not to be critical of umpires or for observers to flaunt their experience and credentials.

As we transition into the fall, following the conclusion of the Eastern League playoffs, Chris Marco will be observing games in an effort to ensure as many members as possible receive at least one observation prior to the conclusion of the season. With only a few weeks left, we cannot guarantee all members will be seen. Any members highly interested in an observation should contact Chris ( directly so that it may be prioritized.