May Rules Review – Answers


The May Rules Review answers have been posted for your consideration.

A few points to note:

  • There were only two submissions during the original ten day submission period.
  • There were an additional eight submissions once the review was re-opened on May 16, for a total of ten submissions total. This is still less than 25% of the Association membership.
  • There were zero submissions that answered all five scenarios correctly

From the HBUA Policy and Procedure Manual:

In the event of a game that must be replayed due to an overturned protest, the Assigner shall schedule the original umpire crew for the game. If the protest was overturned due to an incorrect rule application, the umpires shall not be paid for the replayed game. In the event the original crew is unavailable, the original umpire(s) shall forfeit the game fee to the replacement umpire(s).

Each question answered incorrectly on the Rule Review represents an oppourtunity to lose a protest. Remember, good umpiring means having a complete knowledge of, and proficiency in, all Official Baseball Rules, interpretations, policies and regulations. Please take the time to read some portion of the rule book each day.

HBUA Rules Review Answers – May