May Rules Review – Re-Opened


The May Rules Review has been unlocked for completion. You will be given five days (May 20th) to submit your answers within the provided online form.

As part of the HBUA’s continuous efforts to encourage umpires to study the Official Baseball Rules and Umpire Manual year-round, we will be conducting Rules Reviews periodically throughout the this season and for future seasons.

We encourage each umpire to share their thoughts and ideas regarding rules enforcement as there may be more than one right answer in some cases.

Some Rules Review questions will consist of rules interpretations that have occurred during the current and past seasons. These questions can serve as a resource for daily pre-game rules discussion with your crew. We encourage crews to submit difficult and rare rule interpretations to Chris Marco ( so we may include for upcoming Rule Reviews.

Remember good umpiring means having a complete knowledge of, and proficiency in, all Official Baseball Rules, interpretations, policies and regulations. Please take the time to read some portion of the rule book each day.

May Rules Review